About Us

Miss going to the theatre and enjoying every new movie on the big screen? Oh, and how can we forget about the lip-smacking food and drinks you could relish during the breaks! Times have changed and watching a movie in a theatre is no more a casual plan you would make with your buddies while skipping college or after work. The experience of viewing movies is now not just limited to watching them on big screens but bring them close to the comfort of your home. So now you have your TV screen ready, dim lights set, phone on silent, but where’s the food?

The Theatre Project is a one-stop-shop for a complete theatre experience at home!

Our team at The Theatre Project has been a part of the film exhibition business for 30 years and we have witnessed the evolution of the movie-watching experience over the three decades. Our gourmet snacking options are curated to enhance this viewing transition from theatre to home. The Theatre Project is here to provide an uncompromised experience with our perfect companions for movies. And when we say ‘uncompromised’, we mean it! Our imported mushroom corn kernels and locally sourced potatoes make our snacks as fresh as they can get. We rely on the best ingredients and simply good taste to get back those gold and not-so-old theatre memories with every pack you open! So if you are a chips/ popcorn/ bhel lover, The Theatre Project gourmet snacks are a must-stock-up for your next movie.

If you are a distributor, do reach out to us to join the party and bring back the true love for theatre!